Think About It!!

Have a go at some of these interactive activities to keep you thinking…

Untie Me game  (includes different levels)

Christmas Wordsearch activity  (complete this online)

Off the Edge activity (complete online and move up levels)

Elf Flinger game (allocate accurate speed and angle)

The Reindeer Orchestra activity (follow prompts and play some Christmas music)

Christmas Chain game (great activity for concentration)

Candy Line activity (activity using direction and logic)

Christmas Breakout activity (movement and speed)

Changes and Predictions

Learning Intentions: to synthesise learning and develop deeper understanding

Click on this link to view the video clip (Press the Play button)

What does this clip show you? What do you think about what you are seeing?

Have a look at this site to further develop your learning.

What do you predict for Earth 10 years in the future…100 years in the future?

TASK: Write a reflection to predict what you think will happen to Earth in the future. Consider ways we can lessen harm to our world and ways we can make improvements. This can then be posted on the blog OR you can write about it in your workbook.

If you finish early, you can create a drawing to visualise your prediction and your thinking.

Well done

How the Earth is made

Learning Intention: to make predictions and synthesise new learning

How is the Earth made? Write a prediction in your workbook about how the Earth is made/formed?

You can then click onto some of these sites to explore the structure of the Earth. Check and see which cite appeals to you the most and includes information that engages you as a reader.

National Geographic Kids site

Composition of the Earth information  

Earth in the Beginning information 

Where did the Earth’s water come from? information 

TASK – Draw a labelled diagram of the structure of the Earth. Include relevant captions/information about the different parts and include some things you have learnt from this research.

Finished early? You can watch the video to learn more about ‘fast and slow changes to the Earth’s surface’ and choose one the changes to draw and explain in your book.

Merry Monday!

We’ve done Mercy Mondays but now, as we look ahead to Advent in a few weeks, we celebrate Merry Mondays! A chance to focus on the joy of the coming of Christ!

Watch the following video:

Consider the following questions:

  1. How does it feel to wait?
  2. What/Who are we waiting for during Advent?
  3. What are some symbols of Advent? (Note: You may have seen some in the video.)
  4. What is the significance of our waiting during Advent?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and feelings. For a quality comment, do not write out the questions, instead please use FULL complete sentences as your answers.

Rotational Symmetry Art










Rotational Symmetry

1. Create a simple drawing on 1/8 of a circle (use template).
2. “transfer” your drawing into all 8 parts of your circle by putting pencil led on the back of the piece of paper and tracing over the original drawing 8 times.
3. Think about the colours you will use to complete the symmetrical look of your art.
The pictures below will help you:
Example One:

Example Two:

Example Three:

Step 1: Divide circle, Draw design onto separate 1/8th
  Step 2: Fill backside of design piece with pencil lead
Step 3: Trace over design into each piece on the circle,
pressing hard to transfer the lead from the back onto the paper.
Colour your shapes.